With all amount of sincerity, the financial market doesn’t have a single formula that guarantees success in trading. The reason is that successful forex traders need talent, balance, patience, proper equipment, and understanding of the terrains of trading.

Successful Forex traders use good analysis, along with effective implementation, to improve their success rates dramatically. The only way to get on board and stay successful is to combine talent and hard work.

What are the Things Successful Forex Traders do that you should copy?


Successful Forex Traders learn to wait for the outcome of their trade without seeming to be in a hurry. Therefore, if you are joining the queue, you should have the patience to wait until the price reaches the levels that your system indicates as either the point of entry or exit.

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At the same time, you should also know when to leave the market for the next one. This should be when you get to the point where your system indicates an entry at a certain level but the market hasn’t reached. Bear in mind that there will always be another trade, and move on to the next, instead of waiting around.


For this attitude, you ought to learn to be patient enough to wait until your system triggers an action point. Most times, you will be faced with the challenge in which the price action doesn’t reach your anticipated price point. This is where your patience and discipline level is tested, for you will have to believe in the system you created, instead of second-guessing it.

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To stop losses, discipline is required as well. That’s because you should be disciplined enough to pull the trigger when your system tells you to do so. It’s a discipline that moves a trader into the club of other successful Forex Traders.

Emotional detachment

Being objective about your system and methodology is of the essence, you need to create reliable systems, and be emotionally detached from them. Once you’ve found a system that provides reliable entry and exit levels, you shouldn’t become emotional over it. Therefore, you should have systems that are reliable enough to help stay confident and act on your signals.

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When you choose a time frame, the next action is to figure out a consistent methodology. Look around, most successful Forex Traders, buy support and sell resistance, or breakouts, or MACD and crossovers. Either is fine as long as the system or methodology that you choose works consistently. The way you figure it out is to pay attention to how many percent the reliability of your system is. Once you see a bit up to 50%, consider that as an edge, and harness it. While you are harnessing this system, test it with different instruments and time frames, and draw your accurate conclusion.

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Realistic Expectations

Yes, unexpected turns happen in the financial markets, but that doesn’t mean you should be unrealistic. You shouldn’t expect to keep having those huge returns on each of your trades. You should be realistic enough with your expectations to know that a bigger move might take place but not all the time. Learn the risk and reward trade-off well enough so you can exercise as much discipline as possible while picking trades.

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Risk Control

Successful Forex Traders understand the essence of risk control, and you should do the same. Try as much as possible to get your trade-in in the correct directions, by constantly evaluating and adjusting your trading systems. It might not work out on the first attempt, with subsequent attempts you will get it to move in the right direction. And it’s at this point that you require the most patience and discipline to become one of the successful forex traders

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