An abandoned baby candlestick pattern is a chart pattern that creates a bullish reversal signal.  It’s important to note that the candlestick pattern is similar to the morning and evening stars which are very reliable reversal signals. But with this candlestick pattern, real bodies and shadows cannot overlap, and that makes it rare and unique.

Components of the abandoned baby candlestick pattern

The abandoned Baby candlestick pattern is a reversal signal that occurs after a sharp, which means that it is also an excellent entry signal for trading.

The Abandoned Baby pattern has three main components:

• A long white candle

• Two short black candle

• A small white candle in between.

It indicates that the market was in an uptrend before it was reversed by the long white candle.

Types of Abandoned Baby candlestick

An abandoned Baby candlestick is a chart formation that resembles a baby’s head with the body of a candle. It is considered to be bullish when the body of the candle is longer than the head and bearish when it is shorter.

The bullish Abandoned Baby candlestick shows a price increase, whereas the bearish Abandoned Baby candlestick shows a price decrease.

Bullish Abandoned Baby candlestick pattern.

The Bullish Abandoned Baby candlestick is a bullish reversal pattern that occurs when a previous downtrend is broken, and the subsequent rally fails to reach the previous lows. This pattern can form after a long downtrend. The Bullish Abandoned Baby candlestick is also known as “the bull trap”. It is seen as an opportunity to buy in a dip.

Bearish Abandoned Baby candlestick pattern.

The Bearish Abandoned Baby candlestick pattern is a reversal pattern of the bullish engulfing pattern. It is a bearish reversal and it usually indicates that the market is reaching support levels. The Bearish candlestick pattern can also be used to identify an oversold market and predict a bounce back.

What does the Baby Candlestick tell us?

This pattern signals that the market sentiment has turned bearish, but it does not have enough momentum to break out of the downtrend.

It is a chart pattern that is typically used in trading. It is a reversal pattern that appears when markets are oversold and the price starts to rise.

The psychology behind the Abandoned Baby pattern is that the price has been dropping aggressively and just as it’s about to bottom out, it reverses and starts climbing again. Abandoned Baby patterns can be seen in both bullish and bearish markets.


The Baby Candlestick pattern is a trading pattern that is often used to identify potential reversal patterns. It is characterized by a large, bullish candle followed by a small, bearish candle. This pattern has since been used in many strategies to identify possible reversals. It can be found in the stock market, commodities, futures, and Forex markets. The Baby Candlestick pattern can also be used in technical analysis as an indicator of price movement.

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